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P&TEL recreates itself by new technical innovation and drastic facility investments.

The source of corporate competitiveness is the technology. For the continuous growth and expansion of competitiveness, P&TEL has been continuously investing on R&D. P&TEL leads the trends through design development using more unique designs and materials and designs the safest and most convenient devices by its continuous metal pattern processing.

From the general device designs to more advanced designs, P&TEL provides the quality and highly value added products through differentiated R&D and differentiated capabilities. The best technology in the industry and innovative designs are the key factors in the growth of P&TEL for a millennium.

The drivers in R&D of P&TEL are the state-of-art research equipment and prominent research forces.

When clients request the development of models, P&TEL implements the most perfect metal patterning and mass production lines required by clients by identifying and improving all problems that may be occurred in each process from metal pattern designs to implementation.

In particular, P&TEL holds the Mold Flow program that can preliminarily check any problems in metal patterns and injection that may be occurred from model designs to operations after implementation. Moreover, P&TEL implements the perfect system enabling the 3D examination on products. By introducing the top-notch engineers and state-of-art facilities and design technologies in relevant areas, R&D of P&TEL takes price in its topmost level in injection and molding area in Korea including the development of innovative materials and unique designs.


P&TEL provides the one-stop metal pattern development service with its best human resources.

With the perfect lines of metal patterning facilities such as ultra-precision metal patterning machines(high speed processing machinery, Sharmill Discharger, Wire Cutting Machinery, Laser Welding Machinery, Tool Grinding Machinery), 3D design(I-I-DES/Pro-E) system and 3D meters, P&TEL develops the metal patterns with the most competitive delivery and prices by carrying out all manufacturing processes for metal patterns in-house.

P&TEL manufactures the upgraded metal patterns by considering a variety of problems occurred in the in-house injection from the metal pattern designs and takes immediate actions to the clientsĄŻ requests for changes or after sales services by securing the self technologies. P&TEL is putting every effort to secure the world-best technical competitiveness by maximizing the synergy effects among processes and strategic R&D.